Some reasons to choose Moggaro Jet Boats

Moggaro Aluminium Yachts was founded in 2003. We have built more than 200 aluminium boats in differet lenghts and different uses. We have a wide experience on the design of aluminium boats, specially for the open sea water. You will find some reasons why to choose Moggaro instead of other jet boats built by other brands. Click here to Know why Moggaro Jet Boats are the very best jet boats to sail at open sea. Click here

Design and Build quality

The boats MOGGARO are built following the strictest quality controls at runtime. From the design of the boat with CAD-CAM programs, to the process of welding all the parts, the mounting system, that ensures the correct position of the pieces that make up the structure, all processes are clearly identified and defined.

  • Design programs allow the exact definition of the parts. After defining all the parts, the files are sent to be cut with CNC machines with high definition plasma. The material used is aluminum 5083 naval H111, an alloy with excellent performance in the marine environment against aggressive as corrosion agents. In fact the alloy is commonly used in shipbuilding for years.


  • After receiving the cut pieces are classified following the assembly manual designed by Moggaro for proper placement in the structure. The staff and the organization for the welding of aluminum is highly qualified, having the ISO 9001 quality certificate and AENOR.
  • Moggaro technical team monitors the quality of the performance (quality of material, positioning of aluminium pieces, welding, leak testing), for a proper finish of the boat.


  • Our quality plan, based on controlling all stages of production, from the original design with CAD-CAM programs, reception through the source material, cutting the pieces on precision machines with numerical control, to the placement and welding of the pieces that make up the structure, including hull leak testing allows us to offer a product with a full warranty for navigation. The intrinsic nature of aluminum, with the latest special alloys prepared for the marine environment (5083 and 5086) and resistant to corrosion, give us full assurance that the product we deliver is of the highest quality and durability.


The quality of aluminium welding is very high, much more than the fiberglass construction process.

Aluminum welding do not depends in such difficult to control factors such as ambient temperature, or cleaning and suspended dust, as with the construction of fibers and resins.

The aluminum construction ensures maximum quality throughout the process: reception of materials, which are already certified and classified (aluminum sheet, wire, gas), and new electronic welding machine, allow the finished product has high reliability.

Aluminum is 100% recyclable material, so it is 100% organic. The residue generated with aluminum construction is not toxic, and is also recyclable. Not happens the same with the fiber and resins, highly toxic and very negative environmental impact.