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The Jet Boat Moggaro 600 Water Jet is a new design 2013, smaller than the M700WJ, and has been designed to sail in rivers, lakes and protected bays. Is a very funny boat, that can make spins 360º very quickly and a very fast Power Brake.

The main advantages of the M600WJ are:

  • The deadrise is 14º, the hull is the same as the M700WJ, so it allows to sail at high speed when surfing with waves,
  • the interior of the boat is filled with high density Styrofoam, making the boat unsinkable. The deck of the Moggaro 600WJ is self draining, so it´s not neccesary to use the bilge pump to put the water out of the boat. Two large scuppers in the stern, with diameter 80mm, allow to drain the water in a short space of time.

Furthermore, the boat fits into a standard container, thanks to the beam that is 2.25m, so the transport will be the cheapest possible.

The Moggaro 600 Water Jet is a cheaper alternative for those areas that are not so exposed to waves, to sail at 33-35 Kt with 10+1.

Soon it will be available the M600WJ with twin engine (diesel or petrol). We have the Hamilton prediction, and the boat can sail at 47 kt with 2xSteyr 292HP.

You can look at the business exploitantion sheet by clicking here.


Material Naval Aluminium AL5083 H111
Hull Length 6,23 m
Total Length with hydrojet 6,95 m
Beam 2,25 m
Passengers Homologation CE 14
Design Category C (Inshore)

KODIAC 6.2 Li V8 420 HP (Petrol)

STEYR SE 306 J38-292HP @3.800 RPM (Diesel)

Fuel Tank 185 Liters
Fuel Consumption under operation

42 L/H Petrol engine

35 L/H Diesel engine

Top Speed with 10+1 pax

Petrol: 40 kt (3 px); 38 kt (12 px)

Diesel: 36 kt (3 px); 32 kt (12 px)

Thickness Hull 5mm, Keel 6mm, Transom 6mm, Sides and Topsides 3mm, Frames 5mm.
Homologation CE HOMOLOGATION (Click Here to get PDF file)
Total weight of the boat 1.950 Kgs
Designer Moggaro Aluminium Yachts



M600WJ Videos



  • The Moggaro 600WJ & M700WJ can be considered at this time as the boats more profitable for water sport tourism activities. It offers what no other boat can offer for tourist uses, such as the spectacular Power Brake allowing the boat submerge safely, causing an explosion of adrenaline on passengers.

    The Moggaro 600WJ is designed for all these maneuvers with great security:
  • Is a boat unsinkable, is filled with high-density expanded polystyrene, it does unsinkable.
  • The deck is self-draining, with a drainage capacity without using bilge pump.
  • It is specially designed to sail in protected bays, with waves 0,5 m, making turning and sliding on the water spins like a rally car is involved.
  • The sizes of the boat allows to fit into a standar container 40´, reducing transport costs.


Where to find the M600 WJ

  • Marbella (Spain, 2013)
  • Interlaken (Switzerland, 2013)
  • Zurich (Switzerland, 2015)
  • Interlaken II (Switzerland 2015)