The Jet Boat Moggaro 580 Water Jet has been designed to sail in rivers, lakes or small circuits.

These jet boat has been designed following the same quality standards that Moggaro use, but with the next characteristics:

  • the hull is very light, but strong and big enough to sail with 10 pax with enough acceleration and speed to give great sensations and adrenaline feeling
  • The deadrise is 10º, and the combination of length and beam it allows to make 360º spins and a very good sailing.






Technical Features

Material Naval Aluminium AL5083 H111
Hull Length 5,90 m
Total Length with hydrojet 6,76 m
Beam 2,21 m
Passengers Homologation CE 11
Design Category C (Inshore)

STEYR MO S36 292 HP@3800 RPM

PCM 405 HP @ 4500 RPM

Hydrojet HAMILTON HJ213
Fuel Tank 180 Lt
Fuel Consumption under operation 25 L/H
Top Speed with 10 pax 36-39 Kt
Thickness Hull 5mm, Keel 6mm, Transom 5mm, Sides and Topsides 5mm & 3mm, Frames 4mm.
Homologation CE HOMOLOGATION (Click Here to get PDF file)
Total weight of the boat 1.450 Kgs
Designer Moggaro Aluminium Yachts